Special needs pilot program

Jetpack Adventures has an active program for pilots with special needs from paraplegia to blindness.
here a few videos of what has been achieved with our various training programs and some general guidelines.

Jetpack Ben had 10% vision

Jetpack Mark was hearing impaired

World’s 1st Jetpack one handed pilot Brock Styles Australia


We ask that you let us know of the procedures you use and the symptoms specifc to you so we may be prepared just in case. Diabetes does not stop you from flying.


We ask that you bring your “puffer with you so we have it ready just in case. Asthma does not stop you from flying.

Cerebal palsy

We have flown a few people with Mild Cerebral Palsy , however we also failed to design a training program for participants who are diagnosed with anything other than “MILD”


Lower limb Amputees have no difficult flying at all, with our specific training procedures having a 100 % success rate.

Upper limb partial amputees are assessed on a case by case basis.

Lets us know your special needs and we will attempt to design a training procedure to get you flying.



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