Jetpacks Latest News

Gizmodo Aussie Adventure Rides: Jetpacks

Wave FM visited the Sydney Jetpack Adventures Flight Centre – Aug 2013

 V channel visited the Sydney Jetpack Adventures Flight Centre – Feb 2013

Japanese Jetpack Special for ZIP Tv

Totally Wild on location at Emerald Lakes with Instructor Jay



Live with Channel 7 Sunrise program



DR ROB Scope program segment Shoot





Complete Australian LIVE Broadcast – Water powered Jetpack demonstration on Channel 7 Sunrise program with Jetpack Adventures Australian Pilot Jack Ellison






Gold Coast News

Adrenaline junkies get lift with jet pack flights

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Gold Coast company to debut futuristic flying machine JetLev at Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show

Need a lift? This will help

Emerald Lakes with the Gold Coast Bulletin paper

July Jetpack Adventures demonstration to officials , Mt Penang Sydney


Jetpack Demo Wows Central Coast


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