Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I bring with me?

A: You should bring a bathing suit, and towel. Depending on the air temperature you may want to bring a sweatshirt or jacket
for when your out of water. Wetsuits  are available free to use.

Q: Is it easy?

A: relatively… YES! We give a pre flight briefing on land with in depth instruction. Most of the time you can also see the previous customer finishing
off their flight for visual help ask the instructor for a demonstration if your alone. While your in the device, we instruct you via radio communication
helmet. It makes it very easy and gives you more confidence knowing someone is with you all the way.

We have had people from 9 – 89 do this, and ofcourse we are always up for records to be broken.

Q: Can I bring my own Camera?

A: Yes, however it is your responsibility for damage / loss.  We also record sessions on our own video or pics and you can take it home with you for a small fee.

Q: Are there any age / weight / height limits?

A: YES, we require a minimum of 30kg for any device.  Some states have minimum age limits. Currently only Western Australia has a minimum age of 14.
All other states are open. We have no height restrictions, and to date the heaviest we have lifted is 153kg!

Q: What basic skills do I need to fly?

A: You don’t have to be a great swimmer, however you should not feel uncomfortable having your face in the water from time to time and preferably not a fear of heights and should be in good health and physical condition. You should have no history of any heart conditions. And we will not fly anyone who is pregnant. We have also flown Deaf and legally blind and disabled persons! View the special needs page.

Q: What if I wear prescription glasses or contacts?

A:. If you wear prescription glasses, you should use a special cover and sport straps to secure them. Whether you use prescription glasses or contacts, you should tell the instructor straight away.

Q: Is it very uncomfortable, and do I have to be strong to fly?

A: No.  the FLYBOARD on your feet – you are strapped into safety boots steering the board with foot movements- heel toe   ect.

Q: How long does it go for?

A: All of our flight options include on-land safety briefing, in water training until the instructor decides its safe to get you higher, and then your ACTUAL
FLIGHT AIR TIME that you chose when booking. We have 5, 10, 15 and double flight times available to choose from.

Example: Our basic package is known as ‘5 minutes’.

For this you want to allow about 30 minutes from the time you arrive to the time you depart the venue. when you arrive you will receiver your waiver form and pre flight safety briefing.

You then will get harnessed up, and begin your in water training. Once the instructor feels it is safe to give your more height / power, your Actual flight time will start. and if you need to take a breather / break,
‘we stop the clock’, and then restart.

Q: Can the water jets hurt my arms and legs?

A: The pressure in the nozzles could reach 60 psi (only slightly higher than council tap pressures), its actually quite hard to be able to touch the jets because of where they are safely positioned.

Q: Child / Discounts?

A: No. We have tailored our packages to suit all ages.  Our prices are for all ages, as everyone gets the same experience of flight.

Q: How long are Gift Vouchers valid?

A: FOREVER! The great thing about buying direct with us, is we don’t have restrictions on our vouchers, you can buy a special now, and redeem it later if you wish.  And if ordering E-Vouchers, and you loose it. we can easily send another one to you. They are fully transferable. And they’re also fully refundable back to the purchaser in case you find they don’t want to do it.

Q:Why Jetpack Adventures / 1800JETPACK?

A: We were the first to bring the water powered Jetpack and Flyboard Devices to Australia and have been hiring to the public since our first customer in July 2012.  We have now expanded to multiple locations across Australia. We are not franchised. We are Australian owned and run. We are always upgrading and introducing new products to the market and to date we have flown over 22,000 flights.

Q: Can I use my voucher anywhere?

A: Yes, you can use your voucher at any of our locations.  We are solely owned and not franchised so you can use it anywhere, any date.

If you have any other question please Call 0434 538 722 or 1300 538 538


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