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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Gift Cards are fully transferable and do not have an expiry date.Gift Cards are NOT redeemable for cash or have any cash value.

We do offer refunds to the purchaser only, upon proof of payment.

Bookings should be made online at

Restrictions on Potential pilots.

Public operations and training of first-time pilots.

Minimum requirements are as follows

·        Maximum weight 150 kg

·       Must have a blood alcohol reading of 0.00.

·       Must undertake land based jet pack training

·        Must successfully complete in water safety roll and recovery

·        Must successfully complete harness safety release

·      ·        No first-time flyer shall be allowed to fly without instructor TRAINING.

·        No flyer is allowed to fly if it appears they affected by drugs or alcohol.

·        Pregnant women are not allowed fly.

·        Under the age of 18 with parent guardians authority.

·        The 1st time flyer shall not be allowed to fly if they cannot understand instructions given in English. The exception to this is if a staff member is fluent in the 1st time flyers native language.

·        No fear getting the face submerged briefly.

·        No heart conditions.

Weather conditions and ready for flight will be decided by the chief pilot/instructor, decision is final.

Cancellations and Reschedule policy for Jetpack Adventure direct bookings. bookings through various booking agents may have a different cancellation or reschedule policy.

Jetpack Adventures allows for Cancellations up to 1 days prior to the booking.You can cancel online through the link supplied on the confirmation emails from us directly or call us directly

Reschedules can be completed, online, by using the link supplied on booking confirmations, reschedules are allowed up to 24 hours before the booking.

If you are having difficulty rescheduling, call our office of 1800 jetpack (1800 538 722)  0434 538 722  - 0474 538 722

Cancellations for Adrenalin, Red Balloon or other booking agents should be conducted directly with them.

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