The Jetpack


The worlds first water powered device that we launched in Australia in 2012.

Easy, Versatile, fast and freedom.

Inspired by James Bond, the JETPACK is a backpack unit in which you are strapped in by a 5 point safety harness (similar to race cars). Water is propelled from the powered unit, into a 20 meter hose, which is forced into 2 jet nozzles on the JETPACK, which in turn lifts you above the water.

2 hand controls are what you use the steer left and right as well as up and down. Its that easy.

And because you are strapped in by the harness, you can even let go and use your body weight to control the JETPACK.

Our instructors will show you how to use the equipment, and we also provide in water training to you the whole way whilst in flight.

To date our youngest solo JETPACK pilot is 10, and our youngest at heart was 89!

We have even flown Visually and hearing impaired, and disabled customers! see here.


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